Thursday, September 1, 2011

Ashok Bahirwani’s Updates 31/08/2011

Good Evening Speakasians,
First of all, on behalf of the entire committee: Eid Mubarak.
As all the courts were closed today there is actually not much to update you on any new activity.
I take this opportunity to update the speakasian family of the current situation and offer an overview and look at the roadmap ahead.
In my interaction with so many panelists over phone, thru E mails and also on various networking sites related to Speakasia, I have sensed that majority of the panelists have unflinching trust in the company but they are getting a little impatient now as they have not heard any “thok” good news. To make matters worse they cannot see their E wallets and the Survey wallets and cannot see their RPs. Of course the under lying concern about the long term fate of the company and their pay outs are naturally evident.
It pains me no end to see the extent of Human Right Violation of the panelists basic right to earn livelihood and all this not because the company has run away but alas because of the insensitivity of the system combined with negative and biased malicious campaign by the media.
The entire contradiction hits me hard when I hear, read and understand that across the board, all authorities talk of safeguarding the monies of the small and marginal “Investor” but in fact they are not taking the simple logical step that they should take immediately, which is to allow the company, which is shouting itself hoarse, and approaching the RBI repeatedly, to allow the company SAOL to make the payments.
“Sujag, soye hue insaan ko koi jagaa nahi sakta”.
Senior counsel Mr. Ram Jhetmalani has gone on record to say that the media is guilty of the highest degree of contempt of court because due to their unsubstantiated negative reporting they are in fact biasing the judiciary and the powers that be.
The media is guilty of doing everything else other then actually reporting.
Clean Journalism as I know hears both the sides, does their research and puts across their findings/report in an unbiased manner before their reader/viewer for them to judge.
But in today’s time the exact opposite is unfortunately being done. What has sadly become the norm of journalism today is that the media pick up one side of the story and report it without doing any sort of research without taking into consideration the other side’s view and assume the office of the judge and report the matter along with the judgment.
They hang the accused from the first tree.
They are the investigator, the prosecutor and the judge all rolled into one and journalism is nowhere in sight.
The latest example of unsubstantiated reporting was seen in the matter of reporting the Hon. Hyderabad High court, the hon. Justice transferred the matter to the state CID for thorough investigation and the media reported that the Hon. High court had ordered the CID to make any arrest as they feel good.
The company’s application before the Hon. Supreme Court prays that all matters relating to this one single case of SAOL be transferred and investigated by any agency the court feels is competent to investigate. That the Investigation be completed in a set timeframe and pending the outcome of this investigation all further arrests be stayed. If the company manages to get relief from the Hon. Supreme Court then all the matters including the Andhra Pradesh matter will be transferred to one investigating agency that the court feels fit for this investigation.
On the matter of the SAOL site, I wish to bring to your attention that the site is facing technical problem but it cannot be rectified only because the admin rights are with EOW. As no senior official is available to go to the EOW to take custody of the web site even if the investigation is completed.
Last but not the least I wish to remind all the panelists that we are faced with a serious problem and although we will taste the ultimate victory “satyamev jayate” these kinds of complicated issues take some time to get normal. Although I am sure that we all will start hearing GOOD NEWS starting from early next week, normalization of operations will take some time and payouts will start only after the operations normalize.
“Humara babbar sher pinjre se bhair nikalte hi, sabhi morche khol dega, aur unki furthi se jald se jald, poore current situation ko humare haq mein mod dega”.
Let us all continue to trust the company, let us remain patient. We will surely win.
Jeet humari nischit hai.
Jai Speakasia
Ashok Bahirwani

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