Thursday, August 18, 2011

August 18 2011 3:32 Very Good News

August 18 2011  3:32pm Its a great news that Tarak ji got UNCONDITIONAL BAIL.. To clear everyone Conditional Bail is : The courts can impose any requirements which are necessary to make sure that defendants attend court and do not commit offences or interfere with witnesses whilst on bail. Unconditional bail is : The court thinks that the defendant is unlikely to commit further offences, will attend court when required and will not interfere with the justice process. So its a much positive sign that court has given Tarak ji unconditional bail which makes our case stronger now.congrats everyone August 18 2011 3: 25 All at the outside of court are qiet and ready after for celebrations so plss be refreshing this page for more and morre updates  August 18 2011 3:19 MAIL TO TARAK SIR AT SAOL55@YAHOO.COM FOR CONGRATULATIONS August 18 2011 3:17 GOOD NEWS FOR SPEAKASIAN WE WIN MR. TARIK BAJPAI IS REALESE FROM CUSTODY JAI SPEAKASIA HIP HIP HURRYYYYYYYYYYYYYY August 18 2011 3:15 Bail for tarak bajpai is guranteedd yahoooo August 18 2011 3:12 Judge just cam in the court and in some seconds the hearing will start JAI SPEAK ASIA August 18 2011 3: 10 TODAY NO ONE CAN STOP TO WIN SAOL AND TARAK BAJPAI IS GURANTEED TO GET BAIL August 18 2011 3.07 Estimately 3000 people are gathered out at the court to welcome Tarak sir and estimated 5000 panelist gathered at diffrent places in mumbai to celebrate todays independece day of saol  August 18 2011 3.05 Judge is just coming here in court all r waited for judge LETS HOPE FOR  Best August 18 2011 3.03 PM: We made call to area manager.. He told most probable result will come out around 3.45 PM.. So wait till 3.45 PM. for hearing gets finished but all updates will be get here at each 5 min August 18 2011 2. 58 COO Tarak bajpai has camed just now and all in the court are just waited for judge to come and start hearing August 18 2011 2.56 PM: The court proceedings didnt started yet.. It will start at 3.10 PM August 18 2011 2.50 speak asia lawyer is very bold in the court and our side is very very strong August 18 2011 2.46 PM: SpeakAsia Submitted all the documents. August 18 2011 2.28 PM: Just now I made call to Area Manager. I have raised topic about “Tarikh pe Tarikh”.. He told “ Definetely good news will come today” August 18 2011 2.18 PM: SpeakAsia panelist association decided to file PIL because RBI did not gave time to understand SAOL’s business model…

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